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Author: Brian Smallwood
Composer: Nicholas Underhill

Show Description:
Remember the Pines is an original musical written by North East Ohio playwright Brian Smallwood and composer Nicholas Underhill. Loosely following the novel Germinal by Emil Zola and some family history of Brian Smallwood, it depicts class struggles in a West Virginia Mining town in 1940.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Maryann Nagel

Luther Mullins (Drifter, Unionizer): Andrew Lipian
Sarah Claypool: Savanna Carlton & Claire Galmarini
Hortense Claypool: Jill Tschetter
Norman Claypool: Terry Ross
Charlie Black: Julian Brill
Boyd Grant: Bill Hoffman
Raymond Lowe (Mine Owner): Sam Pantalone
Alice Lowe: C.C. Pantalone
Boyd Grant (Store Manager): Bill Hoffman
Ralph Pick (Owner of the Pick Axe Bar): Bill Hoffman
Lily Pick: Claire Galmarini
Jerry Claypool: Phillip Pantalone
Cockseller, Ensemble: James Stevens
Nellie Lowe (Raymond’s Daughter): Elizabeth
Ruby (Lowe’s Servant):
Frank Claypool: Sam Pantalone
Rosey Claypool: Emma Gyorki
Clyde Revel (Miner, Piano Player): Nicholas Underhill
Evelyn Claypool: Jane Gyorki
Miners & Townspeople: Elizabeth, Julia, Jaden Barnes, Trista Reagan
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October 3 - October 12


7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays
2pm Sundays


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