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By: John Buffalo Mailer

Show Description:
Video games, violent movies, Marilyn Manson, the Internet, Prozac, or fame? What moves a teenager to cross the line and become a high-school shooter? More importantly, how do we stop it? Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Lax Morales is looking for a follow-up to his groundbreaking undercover piece on white supremacists. Although his video blog has an unprecedented online following among teens, Lax has been written off as Internet trash by the elite of the publishing world. He needs a big story and he knows it. After killing thirty-nine students and three teachers in a suburban Iowa school, sixteen-year-old Herman Howards takes the time to email video clips of the incident to his idol, Lax. He adds one line to the clips: "I want to tell my story on your show." The public pushes for Herman's televised execution as Lax conducts three days of interviews, using every tool at his disposal to discover what drives the current poster-boy for evil. HELLO HERMAN is a mind-blowing examination of how tragic events like Columbine and Virginia Tech continue to happen in our country. No stone is left unturned as Lax searches for an answer to the question everyone's been asking but no one has been able to find: Why?

Staff and Cast:

Director: Emery G. Thoenen

Herman Howards - Trenton Eaves
Lax Morales - Brett Voina
Sheyla Duvall - Cassie Joy Brode
Chet Clarkson/Frank Howards - George Csanyi
Senator John Cox/Michael Ray/School Guard/Bartender/FBI Agent - Austin Durant
Marsha/Susan/Reporter - Madison Witte
Little Herman - Sawyer Carr
Gail Howards/Ms. Cribb - Catherine Csanyi
Michael Green - James Farina
Mr. Phelps/Jim-Carl/Children's Aid Society Rep - Manuel Halkias
Julia Howards/Tammy - Jacqueline Dyer
Sean Gall/Executioner - Chris Cipa
Dougie-Dogg/Executioner - Tom Bryant
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October 11 - October 19


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