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By: Yazmina Reza

Show Description:
How much would you pay for a white painting? Would it matter who the painter was? Would it be art? A translation of a French-language play, Art is about one man, Serge, who buys an expensive painting, a white canvas with a few white lines, and the reactions of his friends, Marc and Yvan, to his purchase. Marc responds with shock and anger; for him, Serge's purchase of the painting is a cruel joke. Yvan tries to mediate the hostility between Serge and Marc, at the cost of redirecting them to himself. As the conversations moves from the theoretical to the personal, the three friends are forced to ask questions not only about the nature of art, but about the nature of friendship.  

Staff and Cast:

Director: Lara Mielcarek

Chris D’Amico (Serge)
Brian Pedaci (Marc)
Michael N Herzog (Yvan)
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April 5 - April 20


8pm Thursdays
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Runtime: 80m
Content Advisories: Rated R

$20 General Admission

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