Blank Canvas Theatre
Professional Theatre

By: Greg Mandryk

Show Description:
"It's staged fright! Feed your nightmares with these juicy chunks of terror! Watch doomed souls face their fates at the hands of nameless horrors in these nine chilling tales!"

Staff and Cast:

Director: Kevin Kelly

Eva Nel Brettrager (Margaret, Dispatcher, Girl)
Samantha Cocco (Connie, Samantha, Nordoff)
Antonio DeJesus (Jogger, Masked Man, Tom, Joe, Man)
Michael N Herzog (Dwight, Harry, Dewey)
Assad Khaishgi (Narrator 2, Werner, Dave, Evans)
Eli Ravenson (Chet, Mr. D, Dad, Joe)
Dan Sekanic (Mark, Brad, The Man, Steve)
Russel Stich (Murray, Narrator, Phantom Weight Guesser)
Suzanna A. Szabados (Narrator One, Jenny, Bus Rider)
Tiffany Trapnell (Mary, Mom, Dr. Moritz)
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September 13 - September 15


8pm Thursday
8pm Friday
8pm Saturday

$12 General Admission

(440) 941-0458
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