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By: Peter Shaffer

Show Description:
Dr. Martin Dysart, a psychiatrist, is confronted with Alan Strang, a boy who has blinded six horses in a violent fit of passion. This very passion is as foreign to Dysart as the act itself. To the boy's parents it is a hideous mystery; Alan has always adored horses. To Dysart it is a psychological puzzle that leads both doctor and patient to a complex and disturbingly dramatic confrontation.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Patrick Ciamacco

Chris Bizub (Harry Dalton)
Sarah Blubaugh (Jill)
Amiee Collier (Hesther Salomon)
Antonio DeJesus (Alan)
Claudia Esposito (Dora)
Jason Falkofsky (Horse)
Daryl Kelley (Nugget/Horseman)
Russell B. Kunz (Dysart)
Zac Hudak (Horse)
Evan Martin (Horse)
Andrew Narten (Frank Strang)
Anthony Salatino (Horse)
David Turner (Horse)
Katie Wells (Nurse)
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August 11 - August 26


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