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By: David Mamet

Show Description:
First prize is a Cadillac. Second prize is steak knives. Third prize? You're fired. In David Mamet's cutthroat world of real estate all that matters is the sale. In the midst of a high stakes sales competition, a group of tough-talking Chicago agents will do anything to close a deal and stay in the game—blackmail, bribery or even burglary. With Mamet's rapid-fire dialogue and finely crafted humor, Glengarry Glen Ross is a gripping drama that showcases razor-sharp acting from an all-star Cleveland cast. Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get gritty as we slice the American dream to the core and expose the depths one will go to stay on top!

Staff and Cast:

Director: Patrick Ciamacco

Chris D'Amico (George Aaronow)
Jeff Glover (Dave Moss)
Greg Mandryk (James Lingk)
Daniel McElhaney (Richard Roma)
Dave Moody (Baylen)
Darrell Starnik (Shelley Levene)
Daniel Scott Telford (John Williamson)
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August 5 - August 20


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