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By: Anthony Newman

Show Description:
Mason Blair is a washed up, drug addicted actor who starred in a Breaking Bad rip off 5 years ago. Ever since then, he's mainly spent most of his days moping around his enormous New York apartment, drinking, smoking, and snorting everything in sight. Then, one day he starts to hallucinate that there's an audience in his apartment watching his every move. He immediately decides to make it his goal in life to entertain this audience at all costs. However, it's also the day that his estranged sister and a former costar show up to make him an offer he can't easily refuse.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Eric S. Kildow

Vince DelCalzo (Mac)
Logan Honsaker (Mason Blair)
Eli Ravenson (Blake)
Tiffany Trapnell (Delores Blair)
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June 28 - June 30


8pm Thursday
8pm Friday
8pm Saturday

Runtime: 60 minutes
Content Advisory: Rated R

$12 General Admission

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