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Laughing From the Fringe

By Adam Harrell
By: Jim Shankman

Show Descriptions:

Birds of Paradise
By Adam Harrell

Follow a lovelorn ornithologist named Archie as he uses bird behavior to deconstruct his ill-fated romance with Emma, a struggling artist. Zoology intertwines with memories of summer love in this heartfelt rom-com about knowing when to fly away.

The Screenwriter Dies of His Own Free Will
By Jim Shankman

Willy is a storied screenwriter facing the big deadline in the sky. Gabe is a studio exec who’d kill for his gritty sci-fi. But Willy’s got screenplay that stinks of art. A metafictional meditation on the art of the deal.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Christine Howey

Birds of Paradise
Stuart Hoffman and Rachael Swartz

The Screenwriter Dies of His Own Free Will
Tim Tavcar and John J. Polk
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