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The Bigfoot Letters

By: Russel Stitch and Nancy Nixon

Show Description:
Something Dada Improvisational Comedy Co. is thrilled to team with Blank Canvas Theater to present the world premiere production of “The Bigfoot Letters”. A rural southern Ohio woman’s life is changed forever when she accidentally hits a Bigfoot with her pick-up truck and then decides to raise its orphaned baby. Soon an amateur Bigfoot hunter, the local blow-hard Pastor and the Sherriff become involved in chase across the countryside to determine the fate of the infant creature. Written by Something Dada member Russel Stich and poet and author Nancy Nixon, “The Bigfoot Letters” is an uproarious, unpredictable adventure with characters that are literally larger than life!

Staff and Cast:

Director: Russ Stitch

Dennis Burby (Squirrelly Joe)
Will C. Crosby (Superfan/Damon)
Barb Dragony (Sheila Hartman)
Mike Frye (Merle)
Beth Gaiser (Stella)
Andrew Keller (Roger)
Jon Knight (Crew, Del)
Anthony Newman (Murphy)
Aaron Patterson (Sheriff Elkins)
Ronnie Thompson (Pastor Delroy)
Tiffany Trapnell (Waitress/Attendee/Cynthia)
Britta Will (Wild Hair Sally/Woman)
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September 16 - September 24


8pm Thursdays
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8pm Saturdays
7pm Sundays

$12 General Admission

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