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By: Robert Catalano

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If you think you already know some of the most intriguing people who sailed on Titanic's doomed maiden voyage, think again.  Molly Brown was far from the most unsinkable person on board. Captain E. J. Smith went down with the ship, but who was the highest ranking officer to survive? And what was so special about Chief Baker?  You will hear about some of the most fascinating yet lesser known passengers and crew from the RMS Titanic.
As an actor for Titanic: The Exhibition for the 2002 traveling exhibit at the Great Lakes Science Center, and former Deputy Director for the Steamship William G. Mather Maritime Museum, Rob Catalano has learned many of the secrets, scandals, and stories that keep the legend of Titanic alive 104 years after the most memorable maritime disaster of all time. He will share these stories with models, books, and memorabilia, including an item that was actually recovered from the debris left in Titanic's voyage to the bottom of the North Atlantic. Who knows, you might even meet that high ranking officer who lived to tell many tales.

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Director: Robert Catalano

Robert Catalano
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