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Dynamics: A Look Behind Closed Doors

By: Students of Tom Sutton and Jack Winget

Show Description:
Dynamics: A Look Behind Closed Doors is a docu-drama about broken promises and their effect on the inhabitants of a small Ohio town. The story is told by a young girl whose trust is compromised by her teacher and mentor. The harmony and goodwill of the rural township is shattered by unexpected circumstances.

Dynamics: A Look Behind Closed Doors was written as part of a Faculty-Student Collaborative course taught by Tom Sutton and Jack Winget over two semesters at Baldwin Wallace University. The course facilitates the engagement of students and faculty in the deep learning required for the creation, practice, and sharing of knowledge or works in their area of professional study. The research and writing of the work was done by a group of ten students who are majors in Theatre, Arts Management, and English.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Jack Winget


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January 15 - January 16


7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays


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Brecksville Human Services Center
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Cleveland, OH 44141

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