Broadview Heights Spotlights
Community Theatre

By: Allan R. Kenward

Show Description:
Featuring an all female cast, this is the story of nurses on Bataan
during World War II. In a sort of dugout subjected to gunfire the
individual characters emerge to offer a collective reaction to war.
These include the strong minded doctor, her restrained and poised
assistant and the volunteer nurses: a vacuous Southern girl, a
swaggering bully, a couple of timid aesthetes, an ex-burlesque girl and the inevitable spy.

This is a compelling, caustic revelation of human beings under fire.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Ryan Bergeron

Sally Suren, Doc
Jenilee Taylor, Smitty
Tara Corkery, Flo
Keleigh Rae Bowling, Pat
Erica Leibold, Connie
Elizabeth Allard, Steve
Jackie Phelps, Sue
Lexi Frendak, Andra
Sarah Price, Nydia
MaryBeth Hobson, Helen
Kayleigh Joyce, Grace
Kathleen Stewart, Sadie
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November 6 - November 21


7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays
3pm Sundays

$10-$11 Reserved Seating

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