Broadview Heights Spotlights
Community Theatre

Based on the classic story by: Margery Williams
Adapted by: Anita Larsen

Show Description:
In the world of real and unreal, things are not always what they seem. With a dash of nursery magic, ordinary toys come to life and mute the boundaries between real and imaginary. This heartwarming adaptation of Margery Williams' classic children's story shows how the power of love brings about a remarkable transformation for an ordinary toy bunny.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Brenton Cochran

Clorise Busch, Andrew
Annette Phelps, Nana
John Janoch, Uncle Brad
Lisa Mortensen, Mother
Hannah Leffler, Doctor
Maddie Spears, Peavey
Kennedy Naypauer, Timothy Spirit
Nicholas DeAngelis, Train Engine Spirit
Chris Bizub, Skin Horse Spirit
Kayleigh Joyce, Model Boat Spirit
Alexandria Frendak, Rabbit Spirit
Alexis Zelinsky, Nursery Magic Fairy
Bella Mortensen, Wild Rabbit One / Tree #1
Rachel Zelinsky, Wild Rabbit Two / Tree #2
Spencer Mills, Brown Rabbit / Tree #3
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May 4 - May 12

2pm and 6pm Saturdays
2pm Sundays

$10 Reserved Seating

(440) 526-4404
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Broadview Heights Spotlights
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