Canal Fulton Players
Community Theatre

By: David Van Gaasbeek

Show Description:
Life for Jack Van Wert, recently divorced at the age of sixty, and for Janice Loeffler, recently jilted at the altar at the age of twenty two, could not get any worse. Or so they thought. On a fateful night, Jack, thinking he is going to meet a forty five year old woman on a blind date, and Janice, thinking she is going to meet a twenty eight year old man also on a blind date, come to Petra and Scott Thomas’ apartment for dinner only to discover that Scott got the days mixed up. Jack was supposed to be the next night and not that night. Furious over being matched together, they leave the apartment without dinner. When they cool off at the elevator, Jack offers to buy Janice a sandwich at a local restaurant he frequents. What happens next starts as one character states in the play, a new life and a new relationship.

Staff and Cast:


Scott Thomas: Josh Rowe
Petra Thomas: Michal Donahue
Janice Loeffler: Kayla Miller
Jack Van Wert: Geoffrey Darling
Helen Whiteside: Shawna Hamilton
Debra Van Wert: Janet Antal
Tom Van Wert: Zach Donahue
Gretchen Van Wert: Shelly Rayborn
Harry Loeffler: David Van Gaasbeek
Jeannette Loeffler: Sharon Nolan
Lesly Morrison: Melanie Snier
Blythe Morrison: Laura Haines
Kate Morrison: Geri Marken
Roger Morrison: Sean Wirfel
Julie Fielding: Shawna Hamilton
Waitress/Secretary: Madison Witte

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June 19 - June 28


7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays
3pm Sundays


(330) 494-1022

SALT Box Ministries
408 West Market Street
Canal Fulton, Ohio

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