Canal Fulton Players
Community Theatre

By: William Shakespeare

Show Description:
Two sisters, one a sweet innocent girl, while the other is an obnoxious, demanding, and unpleasing person. The problem is that the sweet, innocent girl is the youngest and the only way she can wed one of her many suitors is to get someone to marry her older obnoxious sister. That problem is compounded when no one, and I mean no one, wants the honor of taking the older sister’s hand in marriage. That is until one of the suitors remembers that there is an obnoxious and demanding man who lives in the hinterlands. The suitors summon this unlikely person to come to town and woo the older sister, who is very determined to spurn his advances. Come for a pleasant evening of Shakespeare, while cruising on the canal, as the Canal Fulton Players present this absolutely raucous comedy on the St. Helena III, Lock 4 Park, and the Canal Ways Center.

Staff and Cast:

Director: David Van Gaasbeek


Tickets and Press

August 20 - August 28


7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays

$23 (includes canal boat cruise)

(330) 854-6835

Canal Ways Center
125 West Tuscarawas Street
Canal Fulton, Ohio

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