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By: Moliére

Show Description:
Clitandre seeks the hand of Henriette, a match heartily approved of by her father, Chrysale. However, his wife, Philaminte, has other plans for her younger daughter—namely marriage to Trissotin, a foppish wit who panders to Philaminte's intellectual pretensions. Further complications are introduced by Armande, Henriette's older sister, who once rejected Clitandre but now resents his attentions to Henriette; by Belise, Chrysale's sister, who believes (erroneously) that all men are wildly in love with her; and by Vadius, a scholar jealous of Trissotin's hold on Philaminte. Needless to say the course of true love does not run smoothly, as the pseudo-intellectual posturings of Philaminte and her coterie clash with the struggle between Chrysale and Philaminte over who shall ordain the disposition of their daughter's hand.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Ron Wilson

Chrysale- Luke Hearty
Philaminte- Grace Mitri
Armande- Paige Yepko
Henriette- Sara Bogomolny
Ariste- Ren Weeden
Belise- Natalie El Dabh
Clitandre- Keith Dona
Trissotin- John Dulin
Martine- Bridgette Garb
Vadius/Notary- Nathan Hach
Lepine/Julien- Jason Sleisenger
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April 10 - April 19


8pm Fridays
8pm Saturdays
2:30pm Sundays

$5-$10 Reserved Seating/General Admission

(216) 368-6262

Eldred Theatre
2070 Adelbert Rd
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

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