Cesear's Forum
Professional Theatre

By: Ron Newell and Lee Mackey

Show Description:
Cesear’s Forum, Cleveland’s small non-profit professional theatre company, is pleased to announce a performance benefit entitled; CLEVELAND THEATRE STORIES with Lee Mackey & Ron Newell.  Presented on Sunday August 12th, the mini-memoir, storytelling and banter are reflections of their past in a manner inspired by John Lithgow’s STORIES BY HEART; but moderated, slightly, by Brian Bowers in a light-hearted Merv Griffin tone.  The evening’s simplicity and candor pays tribute to other Cleveland actors and institutions, with a biting and humorous nostalgia that avoids sentimentality.  Plain Dealer Theatre Critic Tony Brown wrote of “the radiant and sure-voiced Lee Mackey — a legend in the Cleveland theater world.” Cleveland Press Theatre Critic Tony Mastroianni wrote:  “In addition to Newell’s major contribution as an actor, there is another in his work of set decoration.”

Staff and Cast:

Musical Director:

Ron Newell
Lee Mackey
Brian Bowers, moderator
Ticket Information
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Sunday, August 12th

Benefit is from 3pm-7pm Sunday, the performance begins at 4pm

$30 each, $50 per couple

RSVP Appreciated

(330) 405- 3045

The Brothers Lounge
11609 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44107

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