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Lanford Wilson: Take 5

By: Lanford Wilson

Show Description:
Many of Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Lanford Wilson’s plays found life at a New York City coffeehouse, Caffe Cino, in the 1960’s. The venue established itself as one of the first Off-Off-Broadway theatres. These early plays were often one-act ensemble pieces or, later, sharply drawn character studies less concerned with plot as with revelatory behavior. Wilson liked the format and Cesear’s Forum, Cleveland’s small professional “minimalist” theatre company, is pleased to present five such works entitled Lanford Wilson: TAKE 5. The 90 minute evening utilizes eight actors, sometimes together, sometimes individually, to reflect on aspects of American life. The writing is at once heartfelt and funny. The characters’ struggles are our struggles, their stories told simply but complicated by societal concerns replete with emotional baggage. Ideals and illusions are sustained tenuously. The five plays (in order of appearance) are: WANDERING, SEXTET (YES), A BETHROTHAL, BRONTOSAURUS and A POSTER OF THE COSMOS.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Greg Cesear


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September 23 - October 29


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