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By: Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie Wooten

Show Description:
n this hilarious comedic romp, four Southern women have sworn to keep the promise they made on the night of their Senior Prom: to be in each other's weddings at any cost. More than thirty years later, these friends-for-life are still determined to honor that vow. Libby Ruth (Helen Graf) is the hopeful romantic with the perfect marriage who believes that her friends can find the very same happiness. Headstrong Deedra (Mary Mahoney) has found her rock-solid marriage cracking due to her husband's wandering eye and hands to match. Monette (Evie Koh) is flashy, high-spirited, and self-involved, continually testing her friends' love and patience with all-too-frequent trips down the aisle. And salt-of-the-earth Charlie (Jenny Barrett) wonders if marital bliss is not really what she wants, panicking when the opportunity presents itself. The wisdom and love of the four friends is shared with Libby Ruth's daughter, Kari (Macey Staninger), who is about to be wed.

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Director: Barbara L. Rhoades


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May 29 - June 20

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