Chagrin Valley Little Theatre
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By: Will Eno, Sheri Wilner, and Jon Tuttle

Show Description:
The plays include OH, THE HUMANITY by Will Eno, RELATIVE STRANGERS by Sheri Wilner and SONATA FOR ARMADILLOS by Jon Tuttle.

In OH, THE HUMANITY, two people seek meaning and direction in life and are looking for a shred of certainty and consistency. Then, a stranger arrives, but he doesn’t do what strangers always do when they arrive.

With poker-faced humor, RELATIVE STRANGERS centers on a young airline passenger who decides that the woman seated next to her might be the mother she never had. She finds an ally in a wacky stewardess who, unlike the reluctant mother figure, believes that the two passengers are a match made in heaven.

In the comedy/drama SONATA FOR ARMADILLOS, three passengers are stuck on a hot Dallas-bound Greyhound bus. One wants to be a cowboy, one is on the run, and the other is heading to college to get her social graces. They find companionship and forgiveness on their journey.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Kate Williams-Bernardo

Don Bernardo
Luc Bernardo
Victor Bernardo
Mark Moore
Barbara Howitt
Theresa Dean
Rebecca Semancik
Michela Palma
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June 29 - July 14


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