Cleveland Opera Theater and Baldwin Wallace
Professional Theatre

Music by Kurt Weill
Libretto by Bertolt Brecht

Show Description:
Based on John Gay's popular The Beggar's Opera, The Threepenny Opera is a sharp satire of the hypocrisy of societal morality and the human condition while also poking fun at the operatic genre.  The Threepenny Opera is representative of Brecht’s early attempts at Epic Theatre, a style of theater Brecht envisioned as an anti-naturalistic experience through which the audience is made fully aware that it is experiencing art in order to create an encounter that demands that the audience question, think about, and challenge that in which it is participating in hopes of inspiring social action by disrupting the expectations of simple entertainment. 

Staff and Cast:

Director: Scott Skiba
Conductor: Domenico Boyagian

Ballad Singer - Laura Pedersen
Jenny Diver - Elizabeth Rosenberg
J.J.  Peachum - Johnathan Dufresne
Filch - Chad Castilla
Mrs. Celia Peachum - Nan Golz
Polly Peachum - Sabina Balsamo
Macheath - Ethan Burck
Tiger Brown - Marc Weagraff
Lucy Brown - Dawna Warren
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October 27 - October 29


7:30pm Fridays
3pm Sundays


(216) 881-6350


Maltz Performing Arts Center
1855 Ansel Road
Cleveland, OH 44106

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