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By: dog & pony dc

Show Description:
A Killing Game is a theatre-meets-party-game in an evening of laugh-out-loud fun! Actors and audience work together to combat a mysterious plague that is killing all the citizens - inexplicably, indiscriminately, and fast! Styled after game shows and fashion from the 1960s, A Killing Game arrives in Cleveland via dog & pony dc, a quickly rising ensemble known for their quirky productions that involve everyone in the fun.

What to Know Before the Show:
A Killing Game, as the name suggests, incorporates some game-play. The fun dying-repeatedly kind. You can play as actively and enthusiastically as you want, or taken in the kooky chaos unfold about you. But remember: points are awarded not only for successful completion of each round but for demonstrations of excitement, creativity, and fearless play.

A Killing Game weaves smartphone-based media--Twitter, texts & good old-fashioned calls--into the narrative. Therefore, we highly encourage you bring a smartdevice or cell phone when you attend. For insight into the show's creation, visit or #killinggame or @dogandponydc on Twitter.

Inside scoops about the social media in A Killing Game is available here. You can find all the character Twitter handles here; following them now will make the Twitter-game-play easier at the show.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Colin K. Bills


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April 10 - April 26


7pm Thursdays
7pm Fridays
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7pm Mondays

$12 Monday and Thursday performances
FREE BEER FRIDAY - mingle with the artists after the show while enjoying a FREE drink on CPT!

$12 - $28 General Admission

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