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Conceived by: Holly Holsinger
Written by: Holly Holsinger and Chris Seibert with Renee Schilling and Sally Groth

Show Description:
Inspired by the 1853 National Women's Rights Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, Ancestra weaves a historical account with the intimate biography of a contemporary woman. Ancestra's compelling story provides a forum for intellectual engagement with important issues of our time: gender equity, women's health care and reproductive rights. Featuring a multi-generational, multicultural cast, this emotionally-charged performance celebrates those who came before and champions current efforts to achieve dignity and justice.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Holly Holsinger

Tania Benites
Lauren Fraley
Sally Groth
Faye Hargate
Tanera Hutz
Anne McEvoy
Sarah Moore
Katy Lynn Patterson
Rhoda Rosen
Chris Seibert
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May 22 - June 7


7:30pm Thursdays
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7:30pm Saturdays
7:30pm Mondays

$12-$28 General Admission

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