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By: Raymond Bobgan and the Teatro Publico de Cleveland ensemble

Show Description:
¿Dónde Está My Home? (Where is Mi Hogar) weaves hometown legends, ancestral stories and haunting tales into a story that celebrates the multiplicity of Latin American identities in the Cleveland community.  In this imaginative tale, we explore the meaning of home. Is home a place? A memory? A connection? A mother? As the story unfolds, a diverse cast of storytellers spin tales of lost memories, twisted ghosts, ancient trees and hidden knowledge, weaving together a joyful mosaic of what home means to us. Created and written by CPT’s Executive Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan and the ensemble cast of amateur and professional performers, ¿Dónde Está My Home? is a creative and poignant celebration of life and connection to community.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Raymond Bobgan

Nathalie Bermúdez, Ernesto Luna Camargo, Mόnica A. Cerpa Zúñiga, Liney Cintrόn, Alexander Corona, Jason Estremera, Liz Gonzalez, Dante Fernando Larzabal, Letitia Lopez, Kevin Orozco-Cruz, Gilberto Peña, Magdalena Godinez Ríos, Aida Rivera, Alejandro Rivera, Rafael Rivera, Blanca Salva, Lucia Stone
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October 22 - October 24


7:30pm Thursday
7:30pm Friday
7:30pm Saturday

Thursday is Family Night ($12 adults, $6 tickets for kids <18)

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