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By: Molly Andrews-Hinders; Lucy Biederman; William James Burke; Melissa Crum & Caitlin Lewins; Lauren Joy Fraley; David Hansen & Chennelle Bryant-Harris; Faye Hargate; James Ijames; Meredith L. King; Michael Rohd, Sojourn Theatre, & Collaborators; Renee Schilling; Darius Stubbs; Tecia Delores Wilson; Jimmie Woody.

Show Description:
Grab a pass and step into a festival-like atmosphere of raw art-in-progress. Entry Point is a platform for artists to develop their work in the early stages of creation, and then share that work with the public in a festival forum. Entry Point activities include staged readings, short excerpts from works-in-progress, guest panel discussions, and facilitated feedback between artists and audience after every showing. New Play Development.

Locations and Shows:
history of walking | James Ijames [Friday 7:10, Saturday 7:10 (Full Length)]
Approx. 90 min
In the midst of a presidential election, the messiah returns, bombs explode, and a conservative radio host becomes a prophet.
Supported by the National New Play Network in Partnership with Kitchen Dog Theater (Dallas) & InterAct Theatre Company (Philadelphia).
Director: Beth Wood | Performers: Davis Aguila, Ashley Aquilla, Leilani Barrett, Ryan Edlinger, Doug Kusak, Abraham McNeil Adams, Mary-Francis Renee Miller

The Mint Play | William James Burke [Thursday 7:10 (Full Length)]
Approx. 90 min
An absurdist piece inspired by the chaos theory, The Mint Play is a series of strange loops—people reaching, craving, embarking, and closing loops of connection.
Director: Ismael Lara | Performers: Samantha A. Camp, Brianna DeRosa, Gordon Hinchen, Lynna Metrisin, Jackson Pollock, Meredith Aleigha Wells, Marc Zeale

When the She’ll Broke | Faye Hargate [Friday 7:30, Saturday 7:30]
A brief glimpse inside an ongoing performance research project exploring American female identity.
Director & Designer: Faye Hargate | Assistant Designer: Joan Hargate | Performers: Krystal Sierra, Dezhanay Simmons, Anastasia Urozhaeva | Special Thanks: Raymond Bobgan

Emergence | Molly Andrews-Hinders [Thursday 9:10, Friday 7:15, Saturday 7:15]
Approx. 25 min
Emergence calls us to question the way we challenge limiting beliefs. How do we become our own heroes and set ourselves free?
Composer & Music Director: Molly Andrews-Hinders | Performers: Kristy Cruz, Colleen McCaughey | Guitarist: Mo Dugger

Everything is okay (and other helpful lies) | Melissa Crum & Caitlin Lewins, 16/17 Nord Family Foundation Catapult Fellows [Thursday 7:15, Friday 8:00 (Full Length)]
Approx. 90 min
In this dark musical comedy, friendships are challenged, buddies die, and everybody drinks. Cheers.
Music Director: Tim Moon | Performers: Luke Brett, Roderick S. Cardwell II, Melissa Crum, Madelyn Hayes, Elizabeth Kelly, Caitlin Lewins

The Mint Play | William James Burke [Saturday 8:00 (Full Length)]
Approx. 90 min
See Stage 1: East Storefront for full description.

Fingers and Toes | Renee Schilling [Thursday 9:30, Friday 8:20, Friday 9:20, Saturday 7:15]
Approx. 15 min
Follow Kate through the underworld (via an emergency C-section), as she meets with long-forgotten ancestors and comes to blows with her recently deceased mother.
Director: Renee Schilling | Dramaturg: Emily Pucell Czarnota | Performers: Laurel Hoffman, Anne McEvoy, Carrie Williams

Tale of Jiminirising | Jimmie Woody [Thursday 7:20, Thursday 8:25, Saturday 8:15, Saturday 9:20]
Approx. 15 min
A theatrical memoir combining poetry, hip hop, and digital storytelling about figuring out how to be a man in the ever-changing landscape of what masculinity means in America.
Director: Sheffia Randall Dooley | Performer: Jimmie Woody

The Lost Diary | David Hansen & Chennelle Bryant-Harris [Thursday 7:50, Thursday 8:55, Friday 7:45]
Approx. 20 min
In the not-too-distant future, white nationalists have declared Holy War, a massive terrorist attack has occurred in D.C., and an injured man must rely on the care of a mysterious woman.
Director: Kelly Elliott | Performers: Bianca McElroy, David Obney

Wryneck | Lauren Joy Fraley [Friday 7:15, Friday 8:50, Saturday 7:45, Saturday 8:45]
Approx. 15 min
A bird flies across geographical and psychological spaces through Morse code-like patterns, stirring the reality of individual women in separate lives.
Music Co-Creators: Brian Bacon, Lauren Joy Fraley | Performers: Katherine Nash, Hillary Wheelock

4 Veils: An Essay | Lucy Biederman [Friday 7:40, Friday 9:20, Saturday 7:40, Saturday 8:40]
Approx. 15 min
A musical essay-in-performance exploring veils in a 12 step program, at a minister’s pulpit, on President Trump’s face, in a Garfield comic strip.
Director: Kat Martin | Performers: Joshua McElroy, Jessica Toltzis

Bipolar Mixtape | Meredith L. King [Thursday 7:15, Friday 8:10, Saturday 9:10]
Approx. 25 min
What would 24 hours in the life of a bipolar black woman in a community of neurotypicals look like? Bipolar Mixtape invites the audience to step inside a wildly creative bipolar mind.
Director & Original Music Composer: Meredith L. King | Performers: Tanera Hutz, Courtney D. Love, Shannon Ashley Sharkey, Brenton Sullivan | Musician: Zach Palumbo

Lie Away Sleeping | Tecia Delores Wilson [Thursday 7:55, Thursday 8:55, Friday 7:10, Friday 8:50]
Approx. 15 min
This is not her first pregnancy, and something feels… off. A mother-to-be battles depression and waves of emotion she has never experienced before.
Director: Tecia Delores Wilson | Choreographer: Donald Isom | Performers: Kaila Benford, Deja Conner

Mother Eve’s Burden from Black Magic | Darius Stubbs [Thursday 8:25, Thursday 9:25, Saturday 7:10, Saturday 8:10]
Approx. 15 min
What is inside the box labeled “Black woman,” what does it mean to be eternal mother and sexual fetish, a queen and a slave, and the perpetual sacrifice to the god called “The American Dream?”
Created with & Performed by: Maya Jones, Terah L’nae McGowan, Samantha V. Richards

How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes | Michael Rohd, Sojourn Theatre, & Collaborators [Thursday 7:10, 7:50, 8:30]
Approx. 20 min
Sojourn Theatre invites you to be a part of the process as they prepare for their run at CPT (Jan 24-28). As a small test audience, you’ll give performers a chance to refine facilitation strategies that exist within the full production.
Presenting Sponsor: United Way of Greater Cleveland | Performers & Facilitators: Sojourn Theatre Ensemble Artists – Bobby Bermea,* Jono Eiland, Soneela Nankani,* Sara Sawicki, Alejandro Tey, Nik Zaleski & Cleveland Artists – Wes Allen, Ananias J. Dixon, Tim Keo, Cathleen O’Malley | *Actor appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.
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