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Works-in-progress by: Tania Benites of Teatro Público de Cleveland; Milta Ortiz & Marc David Pinate of Borderlands Theater; Tim Collingwood; Fire on the Water artistic team; Lauren Joy Fraley; Merit Glover; Cat Kenney; Lisa Langford; Mara Layne & the Gold Men Ensemble; Hannah Rae Leach; Molly McFadden; Nikkole Salter; Twelve Literary Arts.

Show Description:
Grab a pass and step into a festival-like atmosphere of raw art-in-progress. Entry Point is a platform for artists to develop their work in the early stages of creation, and then share that work with the public in a festival forum. Entry Point activities include staged readings, short excerpts from works-in-progress, guest panel discussions, and facilitated feedback between artists and audience after every showing. New Play Development.

How Blood Go | Lisa Langford* [Thursday 7:35, Saturday 7:35 (Full Length)]
Approx. 2 hours
How Blood Go weaves the present and past together with the story of Quinntasia, an African American woman about to embark on a career as a health and fitness expert, and that of her ancestor, Bean, an unwitting participant in a 1930’s government experiment on Black men.
Director: Darius J. Stubbs | Dramaturg: Eric Schmiedl | Performers: Ashley Aquilla, Tonya Broach, Kris Ryan Inniss, Sara Katrenich, Sarah Kunchik, CorLesia Smith, Brenton Sullivan, Greg White, Carrie Williams

*2018/2019 Nord Family Foundation Playwright Fellow

Breakout Session (or Frogorse) | Nikkole Salter [Friday 7:35 (Full Length)]
Approx. 1 hour and 40 mins
An intimate reading of a play commissioned by CPT with funding from National New Play Network. A corporate training company is vying for the contract for de-escalation and anti-bias training with Cleveland’s Police Department. Can a 90-minute training session change people and the world we live in?
Director & Collaborator: Beth Wood | Performers: Beth Wood, Nikkole Salter

Excerpts from Fire on the Water | Raymond Bobgan & India Nicole Burton** [Thursday 7:20, Friday 7:20, Saturday 7:20]
Approx. 30 mins
Sections from the larger piece running Feb 14 – Mar 2 at CPT. What happens when we remember the environment is not a lifeless, simplistic phenomenon, but something in which we and our interior selves—our dream selves—connect with?
Performers: Courtney Nicole Auman, Luka Blackhill, Sidney Edwards, Faye Hargate, Brinden Harvey, Shatara Jordan, Michael Levin, Kim Martin, Terah McGowan, Daniel McKinnon, Mary-Francis R. Miller, Zach Palumbo, Adam Seeholzer, Kat Shy, Anastasia Urozhaeva, Hillary Wheelock

**2018/2019 NNPN Producer in Residence

Waters (Working Title) | Milta Ortiz & Marc David Pinate of Borderlands Theater [Thursday 8:15, Friday 8:15, Saturday 8:15]
Approx. 30 mins
A collaboration between CPT and Borderlands Theater supported by National New Play Network. A physical theatre reflection on water in our region, created in tandem with a work on water in the desert of Arizona.
Performers: Isaiah Betts, Meiver De la Cruz, Chaunice Hendking, Holly Holsinger

Sorry Doesn’t Sweeten Her Tea | Lauren Joy Fraley*** [Thursday 9:10, Friday 9:10]
Approx. 20 mins
An adaptation of a short story from Helen Oyeyemi’s magical realism anthology, What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours. Multiple interconnecting worlds jump through time and space.
Performers: Mohammad Gholam Abolfazl, Assad Khaishgi, Akane Little, Brandon X. McSwain

***2018/2019 Joan Yellen Horvitz Director Fellow

Living on the Moon | Molly McFadden [Thursday 7:15 & 9:25, Friday 7:50 & 9:25]
Approx. 15 mins
An autobiographical story with music and puppetry examining a woman’s relationship with her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
Director: Chris Courtenay | Performers: Molly McFadden with Jim D. Johnston

Bedroom Culture | Hannah Rae Leach [Thursday 7:45, Friday 8:20, Saturday 8:20]
Approx. 20 mins
The story of a queer love triangle, Bedroom Culture is a theatrical reimagining of the great teen movie, and an exploration of what it means to experience a coming-of-age molded by popular culture and media in 2019.
Director: Arien Hodges | Music: The Prom Queens (Ayana Cheston, Josh Perelman-Hall, Hannah Rae Leach) | Performers: Samantha Cocco, Nicole Coury, Corey East, Alexa Fatheringham, Katherine Nash

Butterfly/Mandela | Cat Kenney [Thursday 8:20, Friday 8:55, Saturday 7:15 & 9:30]
Approx. 15 mins
A short play about dimension travel, the Butterfly Effect, and the Mandela Effect. No butterflies or South African Presidents were harmed in the making of this play.
Director: Lynna Metrisin | Performers: Mylin R. Cartwright, Felicita Sanchez

Octet | Twelve Literary Arts [Thursday 8:50, Friday 7:15, Saturday 7:45 & 8:55]
Approx. 20 mins
Six poets from Twelve Literary Arts perform a collection of original poetry to spark awareness and call to action.
Performers: Mary Barrett, Kisha Nicole Foster, Raja Belle Freeman, Siaara Freeman, Sage Mack, Damien McClendon

Muir and the Bridge (a love story) | Merit Glover [Thursday 7:15, Saturday 8:15 & 9:20]
Approx. 20 mins
Combining magical realism, historical writing about the national park system, and immediate modern day issues, Muir and the Bridge explores why we should care if our national parks disappear, and why America protects its land at all.
Director: Jonah Roth | Performers: Emmy Cohen, Doug Kusak, Grace Mitri, Marshare Polk, Hanna Shykind

Tell The Brethren | Tim Collingwood [Thursday 7:50 & 8:55, Friday 7:15 & 8:45 ]
Approx. 15 mins
A collection of historical and contemporary scenes exploring what it would take to confront sexism in the institutional Catholic church.
Director: Kelly Elliott | Dramaturg: Anne McEvoy | Performers: Adrien Brizzolara, Robert Lucchesi, India Pierre-Ingram, Tammy Shanley

The Tulpa | Tania Benites of Teatro Público de Cleveland [Thursday 8:20 & 9:25, Friday 8:15, Saturday 7:15]
Approx. 15 mins
The Tulpa explores the battle between good and evil within us. Do we control the darkness inside, or let the darkness control us? An excerpt from a longer piece.
Director: Jason Estremera | Performers: Sylka Edmondson, Bianca Flores, Selina Marie Pagan, Beau Reinker, Anthony “TonyFresh” Velez

Standard Starting Pay | Mara Layne & the Gold Men Ensemble [Friday 7:45 & 9:15, Saturday 7:45 & 8:50]
Approx. 15 mins
A devised piece inspired by the life of Emma Goldman, which seeks to challenge economic violence against women and people oppressed by patriarchy in the work place, and explore anarcho-communist solutions through feminine storytelling.
Performers: Dominique Coppella, Mara Layne, Cheryl McConnell
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