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Conceived and led by Michael Rohd. Created by Sojourn Theatre and collaborators.

Show Description:
How do we tackle poverty in America? In our community? Over the course of 90 minutes, audiences listen, explore and ultimately decide how to spend $1,000 cash from that evening’s box office sales. An experiment in dialogue, collective decision-making, shared responsibility and the potential for art to transform our world, How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes (with 119 people you may or may not know) is spectacularly eclectic in form, often delightful and occasionally uncomfortable. The production engages audiences alongside community experts, blending adventurous theatricality with real time, task-based connective encounters amidst strangers.

Staff and Cast:


Sojourn Theatre Ensemble Artists: Bobby Bermea, Christabel Donker, Jono Eiland, Sara Sawicki, Alejandro Tey, Nik Zaleski
Cleveland Artists: Wes Allen, Ananias J. Dixon, Tim Keo, Cathleen O’Malley
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January 24 - January 28

7:30pm Wednesday (Preshow begins at 7pm)
7:30pm Thursday (Preshow begins at 7pm)
7:30pm Friday (Preshow begins at 7pm)
7:30pm Saturday (Preshow begins at 7pm)
7:30pm Sunday (Preshow begins at 7pm)


All performances of How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes are sold out.

Cleveland Public Theatre (Gordon Square Theatre)
6415 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

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