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By: Mickle Maher

Show Description:
Now that their arch-nemesis, Professor Cannibal, is locked away in a correctional facility, twelve superheroes- The Fathom Town Enforcers- have taken up residence in a secret submarine to tackle the most critical work of their crime-fighting mission... fundraising. The Enforcers' plan? To stage a "superheroic" benefit performance of William Shakespeare's The Tempest. Seriously. Infused with comic book lore, choral arrangement and text from Shakespeare's beloved masterpiece, Mickle Maher's Spirits to Enforce is an utterly unique theatrical trip.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Matthew Wright

David Bugher, Ursula Cataan*, Holly Holsinger, Tanera Hutz, Val Kozlenko, Doug Kusak, Cathleen O'Malley, Brian Pedaci, John J. Polk, Arif Silverman, Abigail Anika Svigelj, Sophie Weisskoff
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October 9 - October 25


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