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By: Beth Graham, Charlie Tomlinson & Daniela Vlaskalic
Composer: Sam Fisher

Show Description:
With their first look at him their lungs filled with air; their hearts began to beat. With their last look at him their lungs filled with water; their hearts would beat no more. Alice, Bessie and Margaret surface from the still waters of their bathtubs to deliver their post-mortem testimony and tell how they were wooed, wed, insured, and murdered. Based on the "Brides in the Bath" murders in England at the beginning of the 20th Century, The Drowning Girls is a touching and hauntingly beautiful script.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Melissa Crum

Jaime Bouvier, Natalie Green, and Sarah Kunchik
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April 17 - May 3


7pm Thursdays
7pm Fridays
7pm Saturdays
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$12-$18 General Admission

$12 Monday and Thursday performances

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