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By: Nina Domingue

Show Description:
Ya Mama! is the autobiographical story of a young Afro-Creole girl losing a mother, gaining a stepmother, and becoming a mother—all while being an artist. Set in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, we journey from the schoolyard to the delivery room, from the edge of sanity to pure joy, from devastation to hope. As Nina grapples with the loss of her mother to suicide, moves to a home where she feels she doesn’t belong, and watches New Orleans fight to survive in the wake of Katrina, audiences are reminded of the incredible resilience of the human spirit. Ya Mama! is an intimate story of struggle and triumph, loss and love. First developed and produced in 2011, Ya Mama! is a CPT classic.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Nathan Henry

Nina Domingue
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October 11 - October 27

7:30pm Mondays
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Runtime: 1h 15m

$12-$30 General Admission

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