convergence continuum
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By: Mickle Maher

Show Description:
Faust, a skittish, self-aggrandizing schmuck facing his final hour on
earth delivers an extravagant, hilarious, and ultimately unnerving
monologue about the sublime meaninglessness of nearly all human endeavors. A lean, tragicomic version of the Faust story, AN APOLOGY…. presents Doctor Faustus in the last hour of his final night on earth – irritated, whining, drunk, and repentant of nothing save
his failure to keep a proper diary. Over the course of the evening, he rails against his silent servant Mephistopheles and tells the fantastic tale of his life—a life filled with wonders, as well as an immeasurably vast evil.

Staff and Cast:


Robert Hawkes
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April 23 - April 25


8pm Thursday
8pm Friday
8pm Saturday

$10-$15 General Admission

(216) 687-0074
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Liminis Theater
2438 Scranton Rd
Cleveland, OH 44113

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