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By: Mark O'Rowe

Show Description:
Three people are ripped from their daily lives and catapulted into a fantastical world. Terminus charts their violent collision course with wickedly funny and shocking twists featuring singing serial killers, avenging angels and lovesick demons. Terminus is a recounting of the events of one surreal and occasionally terrifying night in Dublin when three characters are yanked from their everyday lives and plummet into the realm of the phantasmagorical.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Clyde Simon

Lucy Bredeson-Smith, Dana Hart* and Rachel Lee Kolis
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November 21 - December 20


8pm Thursdays (No Show on Thanksgiving Day)
8pm Fridays
8pm Saturdays

$10-$15 General Admission

(216) 687-0074
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Liminis Theater
2438 Scranton Rd
Cleveland, OH 44113

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