The Dover Players
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Jekyll and Hyde

Adapted By: Todd Evangelista and Aubrey Mayer
Based on the Novel by: Robert Louis Stevenson

Show Description:
Dr. Jekyll wants to create a perfect world without evil. He invents a serum which will destroy the evil impulses in the brain, leaving only the good. Unfortunately, the serum is not strong enough and has the opposite effect. It releases an evil persona calling itself Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde threatens to destroy everything that Dr. Jekyll created, while Dr. Jekyll attempts to suppress Mr. Hyde.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Todd Evangelista

Dr. Henry Jekyll: Adam Campbell
Mr. Edward Hyde: Adam Campbell
Mr. Marcus Poole: Mark Little
Miss Aubrey Enfield: Aubrey Mayer
Chief Inspector Enfield: Eric Magnuson
Mrs. Mary Carew: Jackie Kelly
Miss Emily Carew: Emily Rhinehelder

Tickets and Press

July 8 - July 24

8pm Fridays
8pm Saturdays
6pm Sundays

FREE at the door, or $5 Reserve Tickets

(440) 779-1284

North Olmsted Old Town Hall
5186 Dover Center Rd.

North Olmsted, OH 44070

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