Dover Players
Community Theatre

Written by Madchen Hirsch and Todd Evangelista

Show Description:
An old miser named Hawthorne was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's short sotry "The Gold Bug" to ask Poe to hide his fortune from his greedy sons so that only the wisest would inherit his wealth.  Shortly before his death, Poe delivered a coded letter to each of the four sons, but thier greed kept the family members from working together to find the treasure for 100 years.  Now, in 1950, Professor Kelly has found the missing Emerson Letter and gathered the family members who have the other three letter to try to find the treasure.  However, someone has stolen the Emerson letter from the professor, and so it is up to Nancy Drew to find the lost letter and recover the hidden God Bug Treasure.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Todd Eveangelista


Tickets and Press

July 10 - July 26


8pm Fridays
8pm Saturdays
6pm Sundays

FREE at the door, or $5 Reserve Tickets

(440) 770-1284

North Olmsted Old Town Hall
5186 Dover Center Rd.

North Olmsted, OH 44070

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