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Show Description:
Sherlock Holmes, the consulting detective, has a brother named Mycroft Holmes, who is even smarter than he is. Unfortunately, Mycroft could never be a detective, since he only travels between the Diogenes Club, where no one is allowed to talk, and his government office in Whitehall, where he operates as a spymaster to protect the British Empire. When the brothers work together, they are unstoppable, but when Sherlock rebels against Mycroft's orders to kill enemy agents, he ceases to have anything to do with Mycroft. Nevertheless, Sherlock is again forced to go undercover for Mycroft, when criminals threaten England's war effort. Will he be forced to break his oath and kill again?

Staff and Cast:


Sherlock Holmes - Ben Saylor
Mycroft Holmes - Eric Magnuson
Dr. John H. Watson (Voice Over) - Greg Lavelle
Professor James Moriarty (Voice Over) - Neil Donnelly
Inspector George Lestrade - Mark Little
Mrs. Martha Hudson - Jackie Kelly

Act I
Sophia Kratides - Rachel Roth
Mr. Paul Kratides -  Bill Ransom
Mr. Melas, a Greek Interpreter - Todd Evangelista
Dietrich - Keith Behrendt

Act II
Fraulein Frieda Fuchs - Lizzi Melone
Lottie Luft - Emily Rhinehelder

Mdm. Anna Bruen, wife of the Belgian Ambassador - Marilyn Ransom
Frederick Goodin, the Butler and Valet - Bill Ransom
Amelie Arnot, the Cook - Rachel Roth
Nicolette Fornay, the Secretary - Lynn Galicki

The Gas Mask Gang
Doc - Todd Evangelista
Snooks - Bill Ransom
Tunes - Lizzi Melone
Birdy - Emily Rhinehelder
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April 1 - April 17

8pm Fridays
8pm Saturdays
6pm Sundays

FREE at the door, or $5 Reserve Tickets

(440) 779-1284

North Olmsted Old Town Hall
5186 Dover Center Rd.

North Olmsted, OH 44070

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