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A Kind of Courage

By: Rannigan Walsh

Show Description:
As the second of the two plays that are part of the 2016 Colombi New Plays Festival, A Kind of Courage, by Rannigan Walsh, is about a thirty-year old woman, Jennifer, who is in a serious relationship with Ben, a college professor. Jennifer has a dark secret about her past which could destroy their future together. Can a young woman who was a victim of trafficking rebuild her life? What about her future marriage plans?

Staff and Cast:

Director: Celeste Cosentino

Natalie Green as Jennifer
Hillary Wheelock as Angelique
Aaron Elersich as Ben Hardy
Beau Reinker as Carl
Stephen Vasse-Hansell as Joe Hardy

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March 31 - April 10


8pm Thursdays
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2pm Sundays


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