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By: Scott Miller

Show Description:
Janet Shanley, a local news reporter, stumbles upon the scoop of a lifetime. Should she let the story play out and land an exclusive that will shock the nation and catapult her career, or become personally involved and possibly prevent a tragedy from happening? Medea at Six is a contemporary take on the Greek Medea story told through the point of view of local news. Chilling, unblinking, shrewd, Medea at Six is a compelling commentary on the nexus between entertainment and news. 

Staff and Cast:

Director: Scott Miller

Nina Domingue, Alison Garrigan, Joel Hammer, Jason Ananias Dixon, Keith Kornajcik, Charles Hargrave, Kaila Benford, JamekaTerri Dent, Ari Bailey, and Jaytionna Wells
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May 4 - May 21


7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays
2:30pm Sundays

$10-$15 General Admission

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