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The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail

By: Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee

Show Description:
Writing in the New York Times, Howard Taubman described the ideological relevance of The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail to contemporary audiences, stating "this play and its protagonist, though they are of the 19th century, are speaking to today's concerns: an unwanted war in another land, civil disobedience, the interdependence of man and nature, education, the role of government and the governed.”

Staff and Cast:

Director: Celeste Cosentino

Terry Burgler - Ralph "Waldo" Emerson
Leslie Stager - Lydian
Geoff Knox - Henry
Joseph Pine - John
Allen Branstein - Bailey
Scott C. Hare - Deacon Ball
Lynna Metrisin - Mrs. Thoreau
Sara Bogomolny - Ellen
Miles Pierce - Edward Emerson
Davion Brown - Williams
Kyle Huff - Henry Understudy
Jon Heus - Ensemble, John Understudy
Kayla Davis - Ensemble
Whit Lowell - Sam Staples
August Scarpelli - Ensemble
Kayla Davis - Ensemble
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