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By: Margaret Atwood

Show Description:
Homer's Odyssey tells the story of Odysseus's ten year journey home to Ithaca after the ten year Trojan War, fraught with many perils, mythic creatures, and divine beings. By the time he makes it back to Ithaca, he finds his home overrun with one hundred and eight suitors all vying for his faithful and cunning wife Penelope's hand in marriage. Odysseus, with help from his son Telemachus and his patron goddess Athena, kills all of the suitors and the twelve palace maids found to be disloyal.  Told by her twelve maids and herself, Penelope’s story varies little from the classic tale told by Homer, except in pointing out that there are other explanations for the heroic escapades

Staff and Cast:

Director: Celeste Cosentino

Amy Fritsche (Penelope)
Sarah Blubaugh (Melantho, Sparta/Ithacan Maid, Maid)
Julia Fisher (Eurycleia, Maid)
Diane Frankhauser (Helen, Kerthia, Maid)
Marina Gordon (Naiad Mother/Maid)
Maya Jones (Anticlea, Suitor 1, Maid)
Inés Joris (Spartan Maid 2, Ithican Maid 1, Klytie, Maid)
Grace Mitri (Laertes, Suitor 3, Maid)
Zyrece Montgomery (Oracle, Spartan Maid 3, Sailor, Ithican Maid 3, Maid)
Shley Snider (Telemachus, Suitor, Maid)
Hannah Storch (Icarius, Tanis, Maid)
Jaytionna Wells (Antinous, Spartan Maid 4, Suitor 2, Maid)
Stephanie Wilbert (Odysseus/Maid)
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October 18 - November 10


8pm Fridays
8pm Saturdays
2pm Sundays

Runtime: 1h 45m (Includes 10 minute intermission)
Content Advisories: There are strong themes and language used in this production.

$12-$29 Reserved Seating

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