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By: William Shakespeare
Adaptation by: Orson Welles

Show Description:
A co-production with the Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, this production of Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth dramatizes the corrosive psychological and political effects produced when evil is chosen as the way to fulfill the ambition for power. In 1936, Orson Welles created a historic production of this play, casting a company of African-Americans and moving the setting from Scotland to one that evoked Haiti in the 19th Century, under the reign of the slave-turned-emporer Henri Christophe.

Staff and Cast:

Directors: Celeste Cosentino and Tyson Douglas Rand

Jimmie Woody (Macbeth)
Carly Germany* (Lady MacBeth)
Joseph Primes (Hecate)
Greg White (Banquo)
Kyle Carthens (MacDuff)
Chennelle Bryant-Harris (Lady MacDuff)
Malik Aziz
Leonard Goff (Duncan/Doctor)
Aseenah "Ce-Cee" Rasulalah (Nurse/Nun)
Timothy Young (Murderer #2/Servant)
Calvin Willis Jr. (Murder #2)
Chinetha L. Hall (Witch)
Tina Thompkins (Witch)
Emily Terry (Witch)
Anthony Bennett (Fleance)
Marc Moore Jr. (Lennox)
Jarrell Brown (Ross/Young Siward)
Stephen D. Hood (Porter)
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May 23 - June 8


8pm Thursdays
8pm Fridays
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2pm Sundays

$12-$22 General Admission

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