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Show Descriptions:
The triumphant return of our celebrated One Act Festival.

The Wonder of You
by Bara Swain (New York, NY)
A man and a young woman meet on a street corner, both obviously on different personal missions, and each try to help the other with the journey.

When Killer Animals Go Nuts
by Michael Higgins (Oak Park, IL)
Does love at first sight exist?  A blind date turns awkward when the guy reveals what he does for a living in dramatic fashion. 

The Exchange
by G. Atkins (Los Alamos, CA)
Divorce and its fallout are never easy especially when there are kids.

Balls Alive!
by Brian Wallace (Los Angeles, CA)
A band on the verge of a break-up…try to clear the ‘air’ before that happens.

The Way I Grieve
by Andrew Rosdail (Minneapolis, MN)
Sitting on the side of a hill in the middle of the night, two sisters reminisce about how they handle the loss of family, each with a dramatically different method of dealing with it.

Mead and Stu go to SeaWorld
by Rom Watson (West Hollywood, CA)
Stu believes he has discovered why he has psoriasis by reading a brochure on dolphins while visiting SeaWorld. Mead is skeptical…

I Have a Secret
by Marsha Lee Sheiness (New York, NY)
A daughter visits her mother, and each share a special secret.

Under a Watchful Eye
by John Busser (Parma, Ohio)
A young woman visiting her father in a coma brings him some special holiday cheer... 

I, Phone
by Tom Moran (Fairbanks, AK)
Getting directions from an iPhone’s GPS is not always as accurate as one would think.  Or is it?

by Diane Sampson (San Francisco, CA)
Chance meeting in an elevator between two people…maybe three people…maybe.

The Love of the Game
by Frank Shima (Palm Harbor, FL)
An afternoon at the ball game can bring out the best and the worst of avid baseball fans.
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