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Back by popular demand, this season’s festival is filled with funny, poignant and brilliant original 10-minute plays.

Fight or Flight
by Kirsten Easton (Greeley, CO)
That space in time between when you see what's ahead - and when you crash into it.

Suit Yourself
by Chip Bolcik (Thousand Oaks, CA)
A friend in need is a friend indeed…even at a funeral.

One Night Stan
by Adam Szudrich (Paddington, Australia)
Three women meet Stan on different social media platforms and have three very different views of who Stan is.

by Sheila Cowley (St. Petersburg, FL)
An incident during a minor league baseball game causes an insecure moment for an umpire and his wife.

Flight to Paris
by Tony Manzo (Middle Village, NY)
Panic ensues when a couple realize they have a contraband item in their carry-on baggage.

Status Update
by Vince Gatton (New York, NY)
A mother and son find a new understanding of each other over social media.

An Evening with Julia Maggiano
by Bridget Grace Sheaff (Washington, DC)
The understudy has to go on for the lead in a one-woman show.

Isn't That Just Like Us.
by Allan Bates (Tangier, IN)
A happily married couple is considering an evening snack…eventually.

Yellow Submarine
by Stanley Toledo (Rio Vista, CA)
In an effort to change his personal history, a man tells his wife he lived on a yellow submarine, but he can't tell her anything she doesn't already know about him.

Don't Call Me Cupid
by Jonathan Cook (North Augusta, SC)
A woman is completely smitten with the new man in her life and is eager to show him off to her best friend, when love takes a backseat, however, as Cupid enters the picture.

Theater More Like Baseball
by Mark Cornell (Chapel Hill, NC)
A couple takes their friend to the theater to cheer him up, though the friend would rather go to a baseball game.
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February 10 - February 18


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