Geauga Lyric Theater Guild
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Adapted by Irene Elliott
From the popular book by Anne McCaffrey

Show Description:
Dragonsong is set on the planet Pern and a coming-of-age story in which teenage Menolly breaks away from a small-minded, abusive village and becomes apprenticed to the planet's master harper. Menolly is a gifted musician. But in her fishing village, girls do not become harpers, nor boys dragonriders! When T'Gellan, a real dragonrider, arrives looking for recruits, young Tirolt wants to go, and Menolly is inspired to create a song. She receives harsh and unfair punishment for this and runs away. Alone, she encounters newly hatched fire lizards who learn to sing with her and give her hope.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Angela Miloro-Hansen


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April 27 - April 28


7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays

$5 at the door

Geauga Lyric Theater
101 Water St
Chardon, Oh 44024

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