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By: William Shakespeare

Show Description:
A timeless drama of intrigue, allegiance and conspiracy, Julius Caesar is the ultimate political thriller. Caesar’s triumphant return from war causes concern about one person’s pursuit of too much power. Machiavellian machinations result in resounding consequences and throw an empire into turmoil. Shakespeare’s politically-charged play reverberates through the ages and poses questions that we still seek answers to centuries later.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Sara Bruner

Carole Healey - Julius Caesar
Laura Welsh Berg Cassius
Lynn Robert Berg Brutus
Aled Davies Cicero / Lepidus
Elijah Dawson - Cinna the Poet / Cato
Jodi Dominick Soothsayer
Shelby Griswold Citizen 2
Jahir Hipps Lucius
Jillian Kates Portia
Marcus Martin Cinna the Conspirator / Titinius
Jessie Cope Miller Trebonius
Julian Remulla Octavius Caesar/Ensemble
Mack Shirilla Metellus Cimber / Lucilius
David Anthony Smith Decius Brutus / Pindarus
Nick Steen Mark Antony
Alex Syiek Casca / Messala
M.A. Taylor Calphurnius / Strato
Boe Wank Citizen 1
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October 4 - November 3


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Runtime: 2h 20m (including intermission)

$13-$80 Reserved Seating

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