Gum-Dip Theatre
Community Theatre

Devised by Katie Beck
Co-devised by Ryan Cash, Elsa Bartletta Gonzalez, Bridgett Martinez, Angie Perez, Liz Schmidt, and Neema Tamang.

Show Description:
Is freedom made by you or given by others? Gum-Dip Theatre's Denied Admission examines the boundaries of personal liberty in a new play based on credible fear interviews of asylum seekers who crossed the southern U.S. border. This new work will explore the rooms of the legal system, the streets of the Northern Triangle, and the hearts of those seeking a home.

Each performance will be followed by a 30-minute talkback with a professional or advocate currently working with asylum seekers. Please check back as the speakers are scheduled.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Katie Beck


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July 25 - August 4

Showtimes/Talkback Speakers:

Thursday, July 25 | 8pm Panelist Farhad Sethna
Friday, July 26 | 8pm Panelist Lynn Tramonte
Saturday, July 27 | 8pm Panelist Kathy Ress
Sunday, July 28 | 2pm Panelist Brian Hoffman

Thursday, August 1 | 8pm Panelist Reina and Julie
Friday, August 2 | 8pm Panelist Tania Nemer
Saturday, August 3 | 8pm Panelist Elizabeth M. Knowles
Sunday, August 4 | 2pm Panelist Robyn Brown 

$20 (or Pay-What-You-Can at the door)

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