Karamu House
Community Theatre

By: Dominique Morisseau

Show Description:
ominique Morisseau is a rising star of the play writing world and recipient of the 2014 Edward M. Kennedy Prize for Drama Inspired by American History. This play takes the audience on a journey to 1967 in the city of Detroit. Motown music is getting the party started, and two siblings are making ends meet by turning their basement into an after-hours joint. The siblings start to clash over much more than the just family business. As their pent-up feelings erupt, so does their city, and they find themselves caught in the middle of the '67 Detroit riots.

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February 4 - February 28

10:30am Thursdays (Preview at 7:30pm on 2/4, No show on 2/18)
7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays
3pm Sundays


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Karamu House
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