Karamu House
Community Theatre

By: William Shakespeare
Adapted by: Rome Neal

Show Description:
New York‘s AUDELCO Award winning “Julius Caesar: Set in Africa” by Rome Neal is set to be our Classics in the Lot presentation for 2015. In honor of Karamu’s first Shakespeare play Taming of the Shrew the performances will take in our ‘lot’ and outdoor amphitheater.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Fred Sternfeld

Julius Caesar – Stephen Hood
Calpurnia, Caesar’s wife – Kristi Little
Marcus Brutus – Greg White
Portia, Brutus’ wife – India Burton
Caius Cassius – Jimmie Woody
Marcus Antonius – Robert Grant III
Casca – Nathan Lilly
Lucius – Michael Swain
Metellus Cimber / Cobbler – Prophet Seay
Cinna – Corin B. Self
Flavius / Caesar’s Servant – Kym Williams
Decius Brutus – Miguel D. Osborne
Marullus / Cicero – Luther Robinson
Marcus Lepidus – Johnny Sturdivant
Soothsayer – Keeya Chapman-Langford
Octavius Caesar, Popilius Laena – Derick Mayes, Jr.

Malian Ensemble
India Burton, Keeya Chapman-Langford, Erin Dorsey, Jessica Fain, Nathan Lilly, Kristi Little, Kennetha Martin, Derick Mayes Jr., Cassandra Miller, Miguel Osborne, Geoffrey Peak, Luther Robinson, Roberta Robinson, Prophet Seay, Corin B. Self, Johnny Sturdivant, Michael Swain, Phillia Thomas, Kym Williams
Tickets and Press

August 1 - August 16


2pm and 6pm Saturdays
3pm Sundays

$15 General Admission

Karamu House
2355 East 89th Street
Cleveland, OH 44106

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