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By: John Guare

Show Description:
Songwriter Artie Shaugnessy spends his days working as a zookeeper and his nights pursuing his musical dreams in Queens' seedy piano bars. Artie's life is complicated with a wife named Bananas, whose personality matches her name, and a mistress named Bunny who is holding out hope that Artie will marry her. On the day that the Pope makes his first visit to New York City, Artie's son Ronny goes AWOL from Fort Dix and, concealing a bomb, is on his way to blow up the Pope during his appearance at Yankee Stadium. Adding to the chaos, Artie's boyhood friend Billy arrives on the scene promising Artie a path to the glory and success he seeks, but things don't go according to plan.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Fabio Polanco


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April 17 - April 26


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