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By: Washington Irving

Show Description:
Ichabod Crane, Katrina Van Tassel, Brom Bones and Sleepy Hollow are names that conjure up vivid memories of haunted country sides of long ago as told by Washington Irving, one of America’s first authors of notoriety and acclaim. It’s a harvest party at the Van Tassels’ homestead where Ichabod dances, feasts and listens to ghost stories. His real goal is to ask for the hand of Katrina. His well-laid plans never materialize. But something else does. Something spooky, scary but, mostly, funny.

The Lantern Theatre presents a harvest party in The Big, Red Barn, built in 1905, that has become another family tradition.  It’s the perfect way to enjoy an autumn afternoon and prepare for Halloween.  Come for cider, cocoa, baked goods, songs, poems and A Cold, Creepy Reading of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving’s inspired and scary sketch of early American history.

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October 27 - October 28

2pm Saturday
2pm Sunday

$8-$12 **Cash Only**

(216) 401-5131

Lantern Theatre
10901 Tinkers Creek Road
Valley View, Ohio 44125

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