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By: Eric Schmiedl

Show Description:
The year is 1818.  It is the late spring, and into the wilderness of Ohio’s Western Reserve appears Sarah Little and her eight-year-old son, William.  Alone.  They have traveled from New England set on homesteading the wild Ohio land Sarah and her late husband sold everything in the world to purchase.  Sarah has grit and spirit but she lacks the know-how.  Help comes in the form of a quirky, mysterious character named John Chapman.  People say he keeps to himself - more comfortable planting trees and tending crops rather than talking to people.  However, something in Sarah and William’s dilemma touches him, and he takes them under his wing.  Unfortunately, Sarah and William, also, hide a secret which may just destroy their bond with Johnny and leave them on their own to face the unforgiving dangers of an upcoming Ohio winter.

Staff and Cast:


Eric Schmiedl - Johnny Chapman
Valerie Kilmer - Sarah
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June 19 - July 19


7pm Fridays
2pm Saturdays
2pm Sundays


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Lantern Theatre
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